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Eric Hiam Staff Photo

Eric Hiam

CFP, B. Comm, Dip F.P. Fellow I.F.S.

Eric is the founder & principal of Balance Aged Care Specialists, & was the pioneer of aged care planning in Australia.

He has had 37 years experience in the financial industry, 18 years as a financial planner, & 19 years as a specialist Aged Care Planner.

Eric is passionate about helping people to understand their financial choices to ensure they make informed decisions which allows them to take control of their financial future with confidence. Eric will go out of his way to make sure his clients understand what their options are, what the risks are, & the likely implications of their actions, both positive & negative. The reason he chose “Balance” as the name of his business (he feels everyone needs to have a balanced view) Therefore his role is usually that of financial coach.

Vesna Lajkoski Staff Photo

Vesna Lajkoski

Southern Region

Vesna brings a warm and caring approach to her work, being an Aged Care Specialist, requires the empathy to know that the family are often feeling quite anxious and stressed at the prospect of putting someone they care about into an aged care facility.

Vesna is very skilled at putting people at ease, and helping them through this difficult time.

We frequently receive phone calls from our clients thanking us for sending Vesna to help them, telling us she is very compassionate and understanding. She has completed the requirements to provide financial advice, as well as rigorous training in aged care, and is competent and capable to solve just about any problem.

Vesna has now specialised in aged care for 10 years.

Carol Karahalias Staff Photo

Carol Karahalias

Southern Region

Carol came to Balance Aged Care Specialists after 15 years as a Senior Para Planner with NRMA Financial Planning and Clearview. Carol has a degree in Mathematics, and the Diploma of Financial Planning and has incredible technical skills and knowledge, a talent required for the rigors of Aged Care.

We are thrilled to have Carol work with us, as I know she will bring the warmth and compassion needed to help our clients through this very difficult time.

Carol has now specialised in Aged Care for 5 years.

Michael Levene Staff Photo

Michael Levene

Michael is a wonderful asset to the team having 30 years’ experience as a Financial Adviser with ANZ, a Regional Manager of Financial Advisers with the Commonwealth Bank and Management of Financial Advisers with Clearview.

Michael works as a Senior Financial Adviser as Balance Aged Care Specialists continues to expand and successfully provide our clients with the best services in Financial Advice as well as Aged Care advice

Fiona Rumble Staff Photo

Fiona Rumble

Canberra Area

Fiona has been a financial adviser with NRMA and Clearview for over 30 years and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience.

She is a master of client care, having worked with Fiona for many years, I know first hand the close relationship she builds with her clients (who all love her) and what she does for them. This is a perfect role for Fiona, as she likes nothing better than helping people. Nobody goes the extra mile like Fiona.

Fiona has now specialised in Aged Care Planning for 5 years.

Vicki Ryder Staff Photo

Vicki Ryder

Gold Coast Area

Vicki has a warmth & compassion like no other. I have worked with many financial advisers over the years, but nobody comes close to Vicki in terms of her warm, friendly manner4 & caring approach to her work.

Vicki has had years of experience as an accountant, & financial planner with (NRMA & Clearview) & also as an account executive with BUPA.

Whilst Vicki is relatively new to Age Care Planning, she brings great depth & experience, & I know that her clients will simply love her.

Susan Bolsover Staff Photo

Susan Bolsover

Office Manager Norwest Office

Susan is the office manager for Balance Financial Solutions and is the one who holds it all together and organises us all. Susan is literally indespensible.

Her background was in the very demanding field of retail, where she was well known and highly regarded for her excellent organisation skills.

Rachel Harris Staff Photo

Rachel Harris

Client Liason and Admin Support

Rachel is the newest member of our office team and she brings a combination of youth and exuberance, and a great experience with technology.

Rachel loves helping people and has built a fabulous rapport with our clients, and has developed mastery in resolving problems in a calm and peaceful way, which is way beyond her years.

She has had a number of administrative roles previously with service businesses, but we are pleased she is working with us now.

Kerry Jut Staff Photo

Kerry Jut

Client Liason and Admin Support

Kerry provides operational support, specialising in Client service management. Kerry has also had vast experience in the retail sector, dealing day to day with the public, especially with the older sector of the community & demonstrating a passion for helping people solve their problems.