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Virtual Reality In Aged Care

Virtual Reality In Aged Care

Gone are the days of 'old style' nursing homes, the public are demanding better quality facilities and services.

One of the major drawbacks of moving into aged care, was the boredom, with little else to do but wait for dinner or lunch. While some facilities may organise outings or have activities, they are not always engaging or interesting. But, technology is delivering new and exciting services that when bought into aged care homes is engaging, uplifting and stimulating and have even demonstrated being beneficial for residents with dementia.

Ark Healthcare have introduced the use of virtual reality goggles, which when attached to a mobile device or computer, puts the viewer right inside the programme they are viewing. Alison Murphy (Operations Managed for Ark Healthcare) has been testing the virtual reality goggles with residents and has noticed a significant difference in their outlook, especially with some residents who have dementia.

Imagine going on an African Safari before lunch or scuba diving The Great Barrier Reef after dinner. Maybe you could do an interactive trip down The Nile river or visit the town where you were born and feel like you are actually there. 

"The experience feels real and is engaging for our residents," Alison said. Rather than sitting in the same seat reading a book, they could be a passenger in a glider over Uluru or in the Rocky Mountains Express. "The feedback has been fantastic and has created many new points of discussion at meal times." With more programmes being released each month, the variety of experiences available are growing rapidly. 

Posted: 29-Apr-2016. Author: Eric Hiam


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