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Aged Care News 31st July 2014

Aged Care News 31st July 2014

Aged Care News 31st July 2014

Aged Care Warns Over Dementia Payment Cut - Sky News

A plea has been made to the government for a special payment for dementia sufferers to remain. Due to the cost of the federal budget a $16 a day supplement will b scrapped. Read more about this here:

Alzheimer’s Art Therapy Tours at National Gallery of Australia Boost Dimentia Sufferers’ Wellbeing -

The National Gallery of Australia, located in Canberra, is running a program to help Alzheimers’ sufferers increase their wellbeing through an appreciation of art. Not only are they increasing their wellbeing, they are also helping them to overcome social isolation. Click the following link to find out more:

IRT Urges Families to Look at Aged Care Options in Advance - Illawarra Mercury

Chief Executive of IRT in Illawarra, Nieves Murray, is urging families to begin their investigation into aged care options for loved ones early. He urges people not to wait until you find yourself in ‘crisis mode’. Read more about his thoughts here:

Training Program Sees Long Term Unemployed Get Jobs - NewsMail

With a demand for aged care workers in the Budaberg region, an initiative was created to enable jobseekers to train, become qualitfied and experienced in aged care work. Read more about the initiative by following this link:

How Can My Parents Prepare For Care? - Sydney Morning Herald

George Cochrane answers questions in regards to aged care and aged care finance options. If you’d like to read these questions and his details response click the following link:

Mayor Keen To Boost Nursing Homes’ Disaster Preparedness - ABC News

A mayor in Queensland believes the laws need to be changed in order for aged care providers to be better prepared in the case of a natural disaster. Click the following link to find out more:

You can also read about the reaction to the mayors concerns here:

Aged Care Costs Thread Baby Boomers’ Retirements - MoneyManagement

The retirement plans of baby boomers are being highly impacted due to the rising cost of aged care. How to deal with aged care finance is becoming more of an issue for this generation. Read what Christine Hornery, director of FMS Group, has to say here:

KinCare Adopts ClickSoftware Cloud Scheduling Solution - IT Wire

KinCare, an aged care services provider, has started the roll out of a new flexible scheduling solution from ClickSoftware. This will enable more optimised appointment schedules for mobile aged home care workers and their clients. Read more here:

Hi-Tech Gadgets For Modern Era Aged Care - Bendigo Advertiser

The aged care workers at Care Beyond Measure now have the ability to use smartphones, iPads or tablets to serve their clients. This will give them a more flexible, portable, real-time way of doing administration and service in the aged care facilities. Find out more about this story by clicking the following link:  

Posted: 31-Jul-2014. Author: Jordie Cox


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